My Friend John

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. . . by depending on the kindness of his friends. John is just about finished working on a video for a friend. He doesn't get paid for this. It is a labor of love and wishes that his friend would pay him something for his work. It took just about the whole day to finish this video. He chose to work out of the local Barnes & Noble where it was warm and he had access to a free WiFi, coffee, and he could read all the newspapers for free. and he spend it at the local Barnes and Noble. The baristas are kind and let him stay as long as he wants. Plus, he can read all the magazines and books he wants or work on one of…
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Trestle Bike Trail

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Today, I’m hiking the Washington Secondary Bike Trail which passes thru Warwick, RI and the segment is called the Trestle Bike Trail. It goes from Cranston, RI to the Connecticut border. It is part of the East Coast Greenway which connects Maine to Florida. It is named for the abandoned rail corridor that was served by the Providence, Hartford, & Fishkill Railroad back in the 1870’s. Parts are already built and comprise roughly 19 miles, more are in the planning stages. The hike meets my daily requirement of exercise, fresh air, and mental fitness. The trail passes through beautiful countryside complete with woods, lakes, bridges and more countryside. It also passes though towns andit gets very urban as it approaches Warwick and Cranston. I have been able to walk several…
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Deane Dana Friendship Park and Nature Center

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The Deane Dana Friendship Park and Nature Center In San Pedro, California is great for the incredible views and great for the numerous walking / hiking trails. Be prepared to climb several hills and appreciate the incredible view. A beautiful park, tucked away in the hills - I only found the trails by accident and after several walks around the playing fields and the children’s playground. This park is in my opinion a locals only park. If you don't live around San Pedro, you wouldn't even know it is there. Not off any major street. It’s tucked high up in the hills and has great views of San Pedro, Los Angeles pier, Palos Verdes hills, Catalina island, and the Pacific.
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Redondo Beach

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I am currently visiting my son, Kieran, who lives in Torrance California. Each day I welcome the dawn and visit one of the many little towns west of LA that have access to the beaches of beautiful Southern California. This morning, I visited Redondo Beach. It's a little town that is part of LA county and a suburb of LA proper. The little town and its beach is about 8-10 miles from Torrance. It was still very dark when I parked the car as it was only 5:00 am. The beach was deserted and I had it all to myself. I met a fellow walker or jogger once in a while but for most of it, I was alone. As I was walking, it kept getting clearer and finally I could see…
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