Best Friends

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I was talking to my best friend, Donnie, yesterday, and we discussed at length all the things that we shared and did together when we were in high school and college. Donnie is my best friend from that time and we still get together periodically to share a meal and talk about what is going on in our lives and generally catch up. We also talk on the phone regularly and keep each other up-to-date.  This type of friendship is very rare and I have always cherished the fact that we can keep it up. But you must remember, having a best friend takes time and energy. You must work at it and make sure the relationship grows and flowers. It must be shared and there must be a give…
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Trestle Bike Trail

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Today, I’m hiking the Washington Secondary Bike Trail which passes thru Warwick, RI and the segment is called the Trestle Bike Trail. It goes from Cranston, RI to the Connecticut border. It is part of the East Coast Greenway which connects Maine to Florida. It is named for the abandoned rail corridor that was served by the Providence, Hartford, & Fishkill Railroad back in the 1870’s. Parts are already built and comprise roughly 19 miles, more are in the planning stages. The hike meets my daily requirement of exercise, fresh air, and mental fitness. The trail passes through beautiful countryside complete with woods, lakes, bridges and more countryside. It also passes though towns andit gets very urban as it approaches Warwick and Cranston. I have been able to walk several…
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Deane Dana Friendship Park and Nature Center

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The Deane Dana Friendship Park and Nature Center In San Pedro, California is great for the incredible views and great for the numerous walking / hiking trails. Be prepared to climb several hills and appreciate the incredible view. A beautiful park, tucked away in the hills - I only found the trails by accident and after several walks around the playing fields and the children’s playground. This park is in my opinion a locals only park. If you don't live around San Pedro, you wouldn't even know it is there. Not off any major street. It’s tucked high up in the hills and has great views of San Pedro, Los Angeles pier, Palos Verdes hills, Catalina island, and the Pacific.
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Fisherville Hike

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Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge – That’s a mouthful, isn’t it? Well, the title is well deserved. It is wild and tucked away with no signs pointing the way – A true refuge from civilization. I had planned to walk the refuge this early this morning but fate had another plan. First, I couldn’t find the refuge on the maps. Then, when I finally found the road to it, I found the road impassable and risky. I finally opted to park the car at the crossroads and walk to the entrance about a mile in. The road I walked on was a dirt road, washed out by the rains, with deep gouges on the sides, and it went downhill sharply for about a mile. Finally, I found the entrance and the parking…
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Running Away

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I was ten years old and running away from home while living in the Galapagos Islands. Galapagos – Why did I run away from home so much while I lived there? There are many reasons: I was mistreated, treated like a servant, took the blame for everything that went wrong, got beatings, went to bed without super, and was very unhappy to be there with no hope of getting out until I turned eighteen years old.   But, I was a kid, I had to go to school, do homework but also be a servant of the household. It sucked and small that I was, I saw the injustice of it all. My solution was to run away and hope for a better existence. Little did I know that God had another…
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