My Friend John

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. . . by depending on the kindness of his friends. John is just about finished working on a video for a friend. He doesn't get paid for this. It is a labor of love and wishes that his friend would pay him something for his work. It took just about the whole day to finish this video. He chose to work out of the local Barnes & Noble where it was warm and he had access to a free WiFi, coffee, and he could read all the newspapers for free. and he spend it at the local Barnes and Noble. The baristas are kind and let him stay as long as he wants. Plus, he can read all the magazines and books he wants or work on one of…
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Best Friends

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I was talking to my best friend, Donnie, yesterday, and we discussed at length all the things that we shared and did together when we were in high school and college. Donnie is my best friend from that time and we still get together periodically to share a meal and talk about what is going on in our lives and generally catch up. We also talk on the phone regularly and keep each other up-to-date.  This type of friendship is very rare and I have always cherished the fact that we can keep it up. But you must remember, having a best friend takes time and energy. You must work at it and make sure the relationship grows and flowers. It must be shared and there must be a give…
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