Fisherville Hike

Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge – That’s a mouthful, isn’t it? Well, the title is well deserved. It is wild and tucked away with no signs pointing the way – A true refuge from civilization.
I had planned to walk the refuge this early this morning but fate had another plan. First, I couldn’t find the refuge on the maps. Then, when I finally found the road to it, I found the road impassable and risky. I finally opted to park the car at the crossroads and walk to the entrance about a mile in. The road I walked on was a dirt road, washed out by the rains, with deep gouges on the sides, and it went downhill sharply for about a mile. Finally, I found the entrance and the parking lot.
After I found the entrance to the sanctuary, I had a great time on a 2.5 miles trail. The trail went across pine woods, a pond, bird watching posts, and an old cemetery in the middle of a field of grass. The old cemetery was high on a grassy hill, registered in the state, and  with about 50 grave stones in it. What was interesting about the old cemetery is that about half the graves had small headstones. Upon reading the engraving in these, I found they all had died at a young age. Infant mortality was very high in the 1700’s.
I took my time to snap a few pictures as I went along. However, it was a true sanctuary as I did not see another single soul for the entire time I was there. I highly recommend it.



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