Redondo Beach

I am currently visiting my son, Kieran, who lives in Torrance California. Each day I welcome the dawn and visit one of the many little towns west of LA that have access to the beaches of beautiful Southern California. This morning, I visited Redondo Beach. It’s a little town that is part of LA county and a suburb of LA proper. The little town and its beach is about 8-10 miles from Torrance.

It was still very dark when I parked the car as it was only 5:00 am. The beach was deserted and I had it all to myself. I met a fellow walker or jogger once in a while but for most of it, I was alone.

As I was walking, it kept getting clearer and finally I could see the sunrise in the east. The promenade over the Pacific Ocean is something to behold as the waters are dark and strong. There is your usual group of fishermen at the pier and although all the shops were closed, I could see inside enough to tempt me to come back later when the shops are open.

I hope these pictures do justice to an early morning walk at Redondo Beach and that you visit the beach when next visiting Southern California.

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