Ryan Park Outing

This new park in North Kingstown called Ryan park is quite big and has a lot of trails to explore. It has taken me several times to travel all the trails in the park. You have two parking lots and there is no connection between the two. There is alsoa ,ot of trail systems which you need to explore over several outings. The third and last outing to this park enabled me to admire all the glory of Ryan park. The trail I took is on the northside of Ryan park and runs the length of it. At the end, I had to know which trail to take to end up at the lake and the little bridge over it.

I must have walked about five miles that day and being the end of June, it was quite hot and full of bugs. Luckily, I carry a backpack with esentials and one is cutter for the bugs. I use it liberally and it keeps the bugs at bay. I encountered a runner who was wearing shorts and sleveless tea shirt and was being bitten alive. I stopped to shar emy cutter and got info on how to find the elusive bridge from her.

The day and the detour turned out to be a treasure trove of pictures and finds. Another successful walk in sunny Rhode Island.

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