Social Media Strategy

Is your social media helping you achieve your brand’s goals? It should be. A strong social media strategy is the best way to make sure you get people to notice and drive customers to your business.

Evemaran’s social media strategy consulting can help your brand create a solid plan for every bit of social media including content, social customer service, moderation and more.

The best social media doesn’t just showcase your brand, it helps your brand reach its goals. A strong social media strategy is the first step in taking your brand’s social from good to great.

A strategy for everything

Evemaran can provide expert strategic consulting for every element of your brand’s social media. Whether it’s deciding your overall approach to social media, a detailed content strategy or a social media customer service plan, we’ll provide you a clear roadmap of what you need to do it right and make sure your social media is getting results.

Social media strategy backed by data

Our social media experts have extensive, hands-on experience guiding global brands to do amazing things with their social media. They know what works and what it takes for brands to make meaningful connections with their customers.

Our social media strategy team work closely with you to really get to the heart of what your brand wants to achieve and how your social media fits in with your overall marketing and communications landscape.

Supported by our Data and Insights team, our strategists make sure all their recommendations are supported by your brand’s social media data.


Social media crisis strategy and preparation

Being prepared for a social media crisis is crucial for all brands. You need a robust plan and a team who know what they’re doing should the worst happen.

The Social Element can provide comprehensive social media crisis strategy development, along with immersive training using the Polpeo social media crisis simulation platform.

Strategic cultural guidance

Want to make sure you’re reaching your full social media potential in every market? We’ve built a global team of social media experts spanning 46 countries who have deep knowledge of their local markets. Get expert consultancy on how to adapt your social media strategy for maximum impact in every market you’re targeting.

Policy development

Need to nail down a company wide social media policy? We’ve worked with major brands across all sectors to develop social media policies that work and ensure that your team are making the most of their social media skills.

Social media training

What to build your internal team’s capability to improve your social media performance? We can provide comprehensive training on all aspects of social media, delivered in a way that suits you.


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