Trestle Bike Trail

Today, I’m hiking the Washington Secondary Bike Trail which passes thru Warwick, RI and the segment is called the Trestle Bike Trail. It goes from Cranston, RI to the Connecticut border. It is part of the East Coast Greenway which connects Maine to Florida. It is named for the abandoned rail corridor that was served by the Providence, Hartford, & Fishkill Railroad back in the 1870’s. Parts are already built and comprise roughly 19 miles, more are in the planning stages.

The hike meets my daily requirement of exercise, fresh air, and mental fitness.

The trail passes through beautiful countryside complete with woods, lakes, bridges and more countryside. It also passes though towns andit gets very urban as it approaches Warwick and Cranston. I have been able to walk several sections by parking in different towns and walking about 2 miles in and back tl my car. This way, I have walked about half of the 19 miles of the trail. I plan on walking the more rural parts in the near future.

I have met people in certain sections of the trail and sometimes not a soul as I hike my four miles of the trail. I have passed farms with animals that graze near the trail and was able to take pictures of roosgters, chickens, ducks, deer, etc. The trails is well marked as it is a bike trail and built on the remmants of the old railroad line.

Doing this everyday, it meets my requirement for walking 10,000 steps a day and my daily requirement of exercise, fresh air, and mental fitness.

Writing about my hiles has also added to the daily routine of doing the things that I love. What are you doing today to fulfill your life?

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