Visiting Southern California

Every time I visit Southern California, I find that I’m attracted to the area. There is so much to do and so much to see that I could easily spend months exploring all there is to see here. I usually spend a couple of weeks visiting my son in San Pedro and we usually explore all the places and amenities that are to experience in Southern California.

This last time, I have been already close to 3 weeks and I have seen the beaches, the mountains, the trails and downtown Los Angeles in all its glory. The beaches are something to experience at least a couple of times for each. Starting with Redondo Beach, Hermosa, Manhattan,Venice, Santa Monica, Sunset, Topanga, Malibu, Huntington, Carrillo, Junipero, Seal Beach, Newport, Laguna, Corona del Mar,  and so on. I could say that you could spend a lot of time driving and walking to see each one and I have. Each is unique on its own and walking the boardwalk between the beaches is something I like to do. I also enjoy visiting all the shops and restaurants in the area, as each offers something unique for you to experience. At the end of the day, I go home tired but happy that I had a unique experience. 

Driving around the hills north of LA is a unique experience as Mulholland Drive and all the little roads are literally above LA and you can see the city unfold in front of you. Driving from Malibu beach to the hills is fantastic as you drive between hills and up into the mountains and the views are excellent for taking pictures and enjoying. I took Malibu Canyon Road and Topanga Canyon Blvd and both are excellent for the views. You can spend a whole day of driving and see a lot of the mountains north of LA. I also like driving in the south coast, around the Palms Verdes area. The roads are less travelled and you can stop and see the sights and the Pacific Ocean in front of you. There are trails to be walked all over the area. The beaches are public and everyone of them has a walking trail by the ocean. In the Palos Verdes area, there are cliffs and you can literally walk for miles enjoying the cool breeze and the views of Long Beach, Catalina island and the Pacific. 

Visiting downtown LA is an experience in itself and we spent a day doing that, walking around the streets, Hollywood Blvd, and visiting the Griffith observatory. Be prepared for the characters from movies taking pictures with you and asking for money. They are ruthless and demand as much money as you’re willing to give. The day was enjoyable but I can take downtown Los Angeles in small doses. I prefer the suburbs with all the hills and the beaches.

If you have the time and the inclination, visiting all the places greater Los Angeles has to offer is a delight and can be very rewarding. I highly recommend it.  

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